Corporate Social Responsibility

At ASE, we don’t just talk about caring for the community, we do it.

As a Community Interest Company (CIC), we make sure our profits are used to benefit the communities in which we operate. We live up to our Corporate Social Responsibility by integrating social and environmental concerns through the delivery of our social value initiatives we fund.

The CIC model is specifically identified with Social Enterprise. Our business model ensures that no matter what products and services we supply, we are creating a social impact.

The profits generated though our businesses support us in achieving our mission. Over the past 12 months we have achieved the following:

  • Provided free specialised training courses
  • Provided free self-development training courses
  • Provided free employability skills training
  • Provided free online training
  • Funded and set up healthy eating and wellbeing projects
  • Offered free business mentoring and support to local support providers
  • Provided free materials and resources to support social value activities
  • Provided free home furnishings to those in need through our recycling project
  • Provided free activity packs during Covid to support mental health and wellbeing during lockdown
  • Supported local businesses and memberships
  • Encouraged recycling to reduce waste consumption
  • Recruited and employed locally to support local communities
  • Sourced and purchased goods from local suppliers
  • Enabled residents to grow fresh produce on site for their own consumption to help tackle poverty

For more information please contact Sharon Ames, Head of Social Enterprises on or 07795351872


To make a donation, we are able to process online donations through our Business PayPal account using our email address. Or visit our donations page for more information